Custom Cabinets in Woodinville

Venetian Woodcraft


Custom Cabinets in Woodinville

Venetian Woodcraft


Custom Cabinets in Woodinville

Venetian Woodcraft

Venetian Woodcraft

Dedicated Custom Factory with In-House Finishing

Denali Slab & Cabinet Studio is pleased to offer locally manufactured, completely custom cabinets. You can trust to take an out-of-the-box design and turn it into a stunning, functional product you’ll enjoy for decades to come. From the selection and design phase all the way to fabrication, our experienced, creative team will handle every detail meticulously.

Our cabinets are built from the finest quality wood to match your exact specifications. We encourage you to visit our studio so you can choose from our extensive selection of wood, door styles, and paints. Whether you’re creating a new space or renovating an existing room, Denali Slab & Cabinet Studio can provide the custom look you desire.

Venetian Woodcraft

Commercial Cabinets & Casework

In addition to our residential services, our team specializes in custom cabinets for commercial applications. We’re experts in value engineering and can help you design cabinets based on goals such as resale, apartments, condos, hotels.

We’ll ensure that your cabinets not only reflect your brand but also meet your budget and offer the right functionality where you need it. Once we learn more about your business, we’ll provide some cabinet ideas and recommend some subtle features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. We have the power to produce in excess of 25 projects per week.

What to Expect


You’ll visit our modern Woodinville studio for what we like to call an “Artistic Layout.” This is essentially a one-on-one boutique shopping experience. In just two hours, We take high-resolution photographs of every slab in the building and use software to show you exactly what your project will look like on any slab. You’ll see the finished results before you buy the material.


As soon as you arrive at our studio, you’ll be greeted by our expert team. We’ll ask you questions about your project and discover exactly what you envision. Then, we’ll walk around so you can explore our wide selection of top quality wood.


We’ll work with you to decide on the ideal type of wood and design for your cabinets. After we nail down all the details, we’ll give you an accurate price so you can budget accordingly. If you decide to move forward with your project, we’ll get it scheduled. (We’ll do a field measurements & engineering)


Our experienced, creative craftsman will then get to work. They’ll manufacture your custom cabinets from scratch right here in Woodinville. The finished product will be custom cabinets with the exact style, finish, storage solutions, and decorative enhancements you’d like for your residential or commercial property.

Why Choose Us

Options Galore

From the moment you visit our studio, you’ll be immersed in countless options for your custom cabinets. There are no shortage of combinations available, meaning we can create just about any style or functional solution you can think of.


Not only do we offer premium products for your custom cabinets, we are experts in the design and fabrication process. We’ll use our creativity and years of experience to ensure your cabinets reflect your unique needs and preferences.

Individualized Service

Through our customer centric, one-on-one boutique shopping experience, you’ll receive the individualized service you need to bring your vision to life. Our dedicated team will be there for you through the initial selection and design phase all the way to fabrication and beyond.

Intrigued and Ready to Get Started?

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